exterior of El Charro restaurant


Thank you for your interest in coordinating a fundraising event here at El Charro Mexican Restaurant. We will make it easy to create a fun and profitable event.

El Charro is happy to assist the local community by offering our restaurants as venues for many local fundraisers. School organizations/clubs, athletic programs, and national and local charities are just a few of the many programs that we welcome to partner with us.

When your friends, family & supporters present your event's fundraising flyer on the day of the event, El Charro will donate 20% of their total purchases* to your group!

*El Charro will donate 20% of total sales (less liquor sales & tax) of purchases made by supporters of your event upon presentation of your fundraising flyer. No coupons, discounts, or other offers valid during fundraiser event.

Here’s how it works:

1. Fundraisers are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. For other dates, please send us an email. We are closed Mondays.

2. You must contact us via email to pick a date for your event- we will require the Tax ID # for the school/organization: email us at fundraiser@elcharrolivermore.com

**We suggest at least a three week lead time to properly promote your event

3. Then you create a flyer for your event with:

Date & Time of the event
Organization name in the header of the flyer
Modify the sample flyer here for your convenience 

4. Email a copy of flyer back to us for approval

Once approved, extensively promote your event to make it a success!

Use social networks facebook and twitter to further promote your event (have a link of your flyer available for this type of marketing). Email blast several times prior to your event: three weeks, then two weeks then one week then one day before and the day of your event. It sounds overwhelming however this is very effective. Ensure the flyer is sent along with your email blasts as an attachment with instructions to participants to print and bring in on day of event. It is critical as each participant MUST bring in the flyer on the day of the event!


On day of event, it is absolutely prohibited to do the following:

~Use a coupon, discounted gift card or other promotion with any sales associated with the event.
~Pass out flyers in our parking lot, at our front door of the restaurants 

Thank you so much!!